By Masaki Hasuike 1141450
#534368 At AIRAC 1908 on July 18, 2019, SID and STAR of Tokyo International Airport (RJTT) and Narita International Airport (RJAA) have been changed significantly, and the surrounding airways have also been changed.
For the time being, new and old navigation data are mixed, which may cause confusion.
Please note the following about each virtual pilot flying to Tokyo and Narita airport.

2019/07/17 15:00Z (2019/07/18 00:00JST) for 6 months

[For pilots]
・Indicate AIRAC number at the beginning of the Flight Plan Remarks column.
Please enter AIRACxxxx at the beginning of the remarks when submitting your flight plan.
Note that in the strip bay on the VRC, the display of the Remarks column is significantly restricted.
Be especially careful if you use the flight plan generation add-on.

・Strongly recommended to update to AIRAC 1908 or later.
This update will be a major change once every few years, including not only Haneda and Narita, but also the surrounding airways.
We do not force AIRAC update, and VATJPN controllers will provide ATC service for user which uses AIRAC1907 or older.
But we strongly recommend updating to AIRAC1908 or later as much as possible.