By William Jones 818378
#192534 RJBB(Osaka-Kansai) has a new runway as of August 2007. The new runway is numbered 06L/24R. The old runway is 06R/24L, of course. However, I would strongly suggest that Japanese controllers avoid using the new runway until scenery is available for it, even though the old runway is closed now for repairs in the real world.

The default FS2004 scenery has only the old runway and as of yet nobody has made an addon for it. The available commercial scenery also has only one runway, and as far as I know there is no scenery update available to add the new runway. The Overland/Simmer's sky scenery does have a construction area where the new runway is, so I imagine that Overland/Simmer's Sky will come out with an update at some time. I do not have FSX, so I don't know if it has the new runway. I would imagine that it doesn't have it either, as the runway was opened after FSX was available for sale. In other words, in the virtual world 06L/24R doesn't exist. It would be pointless for a controller to include it in his ATIS as the active runway.

If anybody is aware of scenery update files for the Overland/Simmer's Sky scenery, I would appreciate a post about it.