By Kenneth Haught 1067681
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Anchorage ARTCC is proud to announce, in celebration of 10 Years of VATSIM service, the Get Your Berings 2011 event being held with VATSIM JPN. Coming October 16th, 2011 from 0100z to 1100z (15-Oct 1600AST-0200AST), we will feature a grueling 7+ hour flight from Tokyo (RJAA) Japan to Anchorage Alaska (PANC). Full staffing is expected for the duration of your flight, including two Oceanic sectors with non-radar procedures (Tokyo and Anchorage Radio(s)). Bring your big iron and patience, and you'll have an event to remember!

For more information, including chart links and suggested routes, see our forum post found at
By Kenneth Haught 1067681
#431381 Great job by all the controllers that helped make this possible, it was fantastic to be able to work with the guys and girls at VATJPN in such a memorable occasion. I see a new yearly event in the making!
By Keisuke Yamane 811527
#431403 Ken San

We were happy to have spent the wonderful time with great captains. Moreover, we were impressed by your excellent control art !

At next opportunity, let's hold Event of opposite direction :lol: