By Sean Averre 1138957
#439832 Hello,
today I would appreciate some recommendations for internet in Japan. My current on is really bad (I forgot the name) but all I need is recommendations of the company to use e.g flex hikari internet
that has been causing all my problems with computers so I would appreciate to hear anything regarding it from you guys,
thanks and have a happy おしゅおがつ ;)
By Wycliffe Barrett 895867
#439919 Sean

not to sure what the google access is like over there but do a comparable search for ISP's and then try and find some kind of speed report for each.

By Keisuke Yamane 811527
#439995 Hi Sean

I used Flets Hikari long time.
There was not any problem for VATSIM. and I was not dissatisfied with the speed.
(Average speed/ 50M)
But thier built-in router on modem was slightly difficult.

I think, probably NTT will be better company for english service than others :P
By Sean Averre 1138957
#440930 thanks Keisuke!
We are going for flets hikari now. I just need your recommendation of the ISP, which has the best bandwidth

also is the provider consistent with flets? Minato cable ALWAYS loses the provider packs
By Keisuke Yamane 811527
Result/ 8.Jan.2012

Plan/NTT FLETS Hikari next HighSpeed-type(200Mbps)

Plan/NTT FLETS Hikari next HighSpeed-type(200Mbps)

PLAN/NTT FLETS Hikari next HighSpeed-type(200Mbps)

Plan/NTT FLETS Hikari next HighSpeed-type(200Mbps)

Plan/NTT FLETS Hikari next Family-type(100Mbps)
ISP/@nifty (Tokyo)

The result is replaced every day :mrgreen:
By Sean Averre 1138957
#441108 thanks mate ;) your really helpful
so looks like biglobe is a good candidate, would you recommend it? Despite the fact it changes everyday maybe should just compare the price of the top three and its deals to go for it. Thanks for your help keisuke, see you soon :D