By Keisuke Yamane 811527
#449474 VATJPN OPEN SKY (Trial)

VATJPN have come to a discussion from Dec.2012 for the commencing project -open sky.
VATJPN staffs have decided the VATJPN OPEN SKY “TRIAL” is put in effect from 1 June to 31 Augast 2013.
The application would be accepted from 20.May 2013.

[1. Objective]
There will be NO extra training for controllers that are not from VATJPN division, only a verification test will be made for the OPEN SKY project.
After the project is expired, VATJPN staff will determined whether to extend or revoke the project.
Note: for all personal information collected from VATJPN and evaluation will only be used for determining the acceptance of a controller to the open sky project and WILL not be disclosed to the public without VATJPN staff.

For candidates who want to apply for the open sky trial ( controllers other than asia region, japan division) they can control only in designated time, NO extra training will be provided by VATJPN, rather the candidate should self-study the local procedures when controlling in japan, the RJJJ ( FUKUOKA FIR)

[3. Designated Controlling Time]
Visiting controllers can control on the following period.
"1-June-2013 to 31-Augast-2013 from "1700-0800 UTC".

[4. Application method]
For candidates who want to apply for the visiting controller status in the open sky trial, please send your ID, real name, rating and also code 5 applicant's agreement with the agreement that to the following email.

The ID, Name, and rating will only be published on our site during the granted visiting status and will be deleted when the visiting controlling status is revoked.
NOTE: The publication the data will only be used for this open sky project.

[5. Applicant's Agreement ]
All supporting materials regarding to ATC procedures can be found in the VATJPN website. The candidate should have the responsibility to study by themselves. Considering the workload of the local staff,
there will be virtually no support is available for queries on local procedures or ATC controlling technique.
If in case, a candidate has queries, the first priority is to read the VATJPN Controller resource center (CRC) and the last resort to to contact VATJPN training team.
Nevertheless, only limited resources are available due to the workload of local staff.
Airport Informations LINK

-In consideration to the local pilot's language proficiency, Please do not use English other than the standard JCAB English ATC phraseology.
-For the consideration of local pilots, please USE TEXT and VOICE together when needed and Speak at a slower rate than forienger usually speak, may be a speed of 100 word/min or less.
-The candidate should strictly follow the assigned controlling period
-For candidates that do not follow instructions from staff or instructions of VATJPN will risk disqualification and the visiting controlling will be revoked.
- Candidates cannot participate in this open sky trial for training purpose.

[6. Miscellaneous ]
-If VATJPN have determined that a candidate is affecting the operation of ATC controlling or inhibiting the enjoyment of local pilots, then entire open sky project may be terminated.
Please understand and create an enjoyable and respectful environment.
-VATJPN may extend this trial if we need.