By Anastasios Petros Stefopoulos 901134
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VATASIA and VATUSA proudly present : Cross The Pacific, Eastbound!

This year’s inaugural event is going to take us from the East coast of Asia, from Incheon (RKSI), Shanghai Pudong (ZSPD) and Tokyo Narita (RJAA), to the warm and golden beaches of Seattle (KSEA), San Francisco (KSFO) and also to the arctic cool landscape, but always warm welcoming Anchorage (PANC).
The event will take place on June 21st 2014, with the first departing aircraft leaving at 1300UTC from Incheon and Shanghai while Tokyo Narita will give the takeoff clearance for the first aircraft at 1400UTC.

Click here to visit the official site and to book your slot !!

See you there!
By Brian Pryor 810138
#468446 Hello and congrats on getting this event organized.

I see several callsigns that don't match the aircraft type, example United Airlines flights flying the A340 or A330.

With the lack of being able to choose ones callsign could the matching airframes for the flights/airlines be utilized?

By Anastasios Petros Stefopoulos 901134
#468475 Hi Brian,
thank you for your post. Indeed this has been spotted but in order to change it, the slots need to be deleted and reentered manually which is going to take much time. I will see what I can do about it, thanks for mentioning it :)
By Anastasios Petros Stefopoulos 901134
#468814 Matthew I have sent 2 emails to vatusa email address and also one PM via the forum. Please advise upon reception. Thanks