By John Murphy 1398788
#517559 I'm using XSB with xplane 11 and I can't seem to make the tab key bring up the text window. I've also tried reassigning to another key which also did not work. Is there something i'm missing to get this to work?
By Sunny Mathew 1400765
#517597 Hey! I initially had problems with the TAB key not bringing up the text window too. I re-assigned it to 'Q' and it works now. You can try re-assigning it to a alpha-numeric key to see if that works. I hope this helps.
By John Murphy 1398788
#517641 Thanks, I'll give that a try this weekend. I also found this on the "Known Issues" section of the XSB web site..

Keyboard Binding Issues with X-Plane 11

There was a number of subtle changes in X-Plane 11 which broke the ability of XSquawkBox to bind certain keys. (For example, Tab is no longer a viable key to bind)

This will not be fixed in the 1.3 family, but will be fixed in a future release. Do not report related issues.