By Michael Barralet 1140392
#518316 After connecting to Shoreham Tower with correct frequency, I get Gatwick Tower at the same time. My text box is indicating I have connected to Voice room 1 and 2. Cannot see how to turn off the Voice rooms. :roll:

Please help impossible to communicate with both rooms alive. :?

By Ernesto Martinez 1286139
#518319 Check this thread: viewtopic.php?f=36&t=70574 It may be that both com1 and com2 radios are set to the same frequency. Make sure that they are on different frequencies. Also, click update voice room.

To change com2, type: ///122.800

Let me know if that works.
By Michael Barralet 1140392
#518342 Hi Ernesto, thank you for your quick response.

I previously read the post regarding the same problem. I am sorry but I did not understand what I needed to do. I was confused by the post.
I did check if I had comm 2 open but it did not contain Gatwick ATC frequency. I tried different frequencies but made no difference I was still getting both towers.
Your suggestion of using 122.80 for comm 2 is curious as I know that it does not connect to a server. I will try this evening and let you know the result.
By the way, why do we not have an interface to work with?? :(
Regards, Michael.
p.s. If you could get VPilot to work with Xplane that would be good. :)