By Henrik Troye 1424730
#523842 Hi Im having serius scenery issues with planes landing where there isnt a runway. and planes floating over the ground
Also i have planes parked at gates that arent even there for me.
any help please :D
any scenery packs i have to install or something?
By Jamie Davidson 1220753
#523860 Assuming its VATSIM traffic doing crazy things; this is a known issue.

It has to do with different sims and different settings rendering "weirdly" on your screen.
The different sims have slightly different positional data/scenery or options (like "runway follows contours" in X-Plane).

Im unaware of a fix for this as it is an issue with each sim.
By Andreas Fuchs 810809
#523957 Yes, this is "normal". It is other pilots using different SIMs (FSX, P3D or whatever) and they have a different elevation or even coordinate reference in their sceneries. That's why you see this.