By Andreas Fuchs 810809
#531256 Hi fellow X-Plane pilots,

maybe I was the last person to find out about it and some or even many of you were already aware of the "Airport Navigator" plugin.

In case you have not seen it before this post, check it out! Bascially "Airport Navigator" will show you any airport layout of your X-Plane installation, including the names of taxiways and parking spots. Charts are great, but this is really cool, because you can actually see where you are. You will be able to pan and zoom the airport layout, you can have it with a black, semi-transparent and fully transparent background. Control is done with a combination of keys that can be customized and some can also be assigned to your joystick buttons.

It might be useful to you and to ATC, since your chances of getting lost will be smaller.

Link to Airport Navigator download page


The hotkeys

CTRL + SHIFT + M Toggle map display on/off
CTRL + SHIFT + PageUp Zoom in
CTRL + SHIFT + PageDn Zoom out
CTRL + SHIFT + End Reset zoom
CTRL + SHIFT + Home Re-center map
CTRL + SHIFT + Left Move the map around
CTRL + SHIFT + Right "
CTRL + SHIFT + Down "
CTRL + SHIFT + A Toggle frequencies
CTRL + SHIFT + R Toggle ramp info
CTRL + SHIFT + T Toggle taxiway info