By Travis Haire 1435305
#527222 hello all, ive just installed xsquawkbox and im getting an error message every time i try to login saying that my password/id is invalid (6). im copying and pasting everything that has came from the email, and im not sure why i cant connect. any help is appreciated
By Nestor Perez 1369273
#527224 Make sure you're not copying any blank spaces which shouldn't be there.

If you have created your account or changed your password recently, allow up to 24h and try again.

That error only really appears when you actually enter an invalid CID/Password.
By Len Krajewski 1438505
#528350 I have this problem and I cannot log into VATSIM through XSquawkBox. I registered about four days ago and when I log in I am presented "Invalid CID/Password (6). I have my login and pw from the email and I am putting it in my hand, not copying and pasting.
By Nestor Perez 1369273
#528352 Hi Len, as stated in other posts, having entered something wrong is the only reason you'd get that error from XSquawkBox. Make sure that you are copying everything just as it is, including capital and small letters.

In addition, check out to see if you're putting in any spaces there shouldn't be. This happens more often than you may think.
By Len Krajewski 1438505
Nestor Perez 1369273 wrote:Make sure that you are copying everything just as it is, including capital and small letters.

Thank you Nestor.

Yes, I have the email up behind a windowed X-Plane. I activate XSquawkBox and while looking at my ID and PW in the email, I type it in to XSB. There are no characters that provide any ambiguity. I have hand typed and I have copied and pasted, verifying there are no additional spaces/characters entered. I have had someone else enter in the ID and password. (meaning my wife, on my computer) No joy.
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By Nestor Perez 1369273
#528354 You may want to delete the last part of your post, as you are likely to get your account suspended for that... :roll:

If you have tried connecting to several servers, try opening a ticket with the membership department at

It sounds awkard though that you can log into the forums and not into the network.
By Len Krajewski 1438505
Nestor Perez 1369273 wrote:It sounds awkard though that you can log into the forums and not into the network.

And this is the exact reason why I am questioning why it's not working. I have used the same login and pw to do this with no luck. I have changed between a half a dozen servers, assuming it could be a server issue as well. I will submit a ticket. Thank you again for your help.

I did edit my post and clarified what I meant.
By Kenneth Haught 1067681
John Huber 1448241 wrote:I'm having this same issue. I've not waited 24hours, however. I didn't know that was necessary since the message I received was that the service was available "immediately."

Hi John, and welcome to VATSIM. While it's true that the "service" as a whole is available immediately, due to the nature of the network, and the multiple servers that it actually composes, it can take some time to update every server with your account information. You may find that minutes after joining, a particular server will let you connect, but the rest will not...etc. I'd recommend giving it at least a few hours though, it's a perfect time to read over the Code of Conduct ( and the Pilot Resource Center ( to make sure your first connection gets off on the best foot possible!
By Don Desfosse 1035677
#531132 Really new, like within the last 24 hours?

Hi, and welcome to VATSIM. I understand it must be really frustrating not to be able to get online.

I'm wondering if you've overlooked the "server data push/sync within the first 24 hours" limitation.

The most common reason for this error for new members is trying to log in within 24 hours of activating or reactivating an account, or a password change. The servers are all linked, but membership data (including new and updates) only get pushed to each server every few hours (staggered throughout the day). We mention this on the Join and Member Support pages, but it's often overlooked in folks' zeal to get online.

It can take up to 24 hours for new or reactivated VATSIM membership records to be flowed to all of the distributed VATSIM servers, as the membership information is flowed to the servers via daily server synchronizations. If, within the first 24 hours, you cannot log onto the server of your choice, you may have to try different servers until you find one that has already been synchronized. You should only open a member support ticket if you still cannot log onto ANY server AFTER 24 hours has elapsed since your reactivation.

You can try the various servers to try to find one that has already been pushed your membership information. Or, in the meanwhile we welcome you to the opportunity to read up on our Pilot Resource Centre.
By lance miller 1453981
#532604 Wow I think Im the newest member here today, and I had no problems the first few flights I made today, I mean I was still learning! But then a few hours later I couldnt get any other people online to show up, or ATC.
Anyway I came here and found the answer...maybe I should give it 24 hours or so !!!!!!!Thanks !!!!!!