By Alessandro Buscaglione 1155449
#531032 Dear Pilots and controllers,
We are happy to announce the first edition of our screenshot contest.
This will be a monthly contest, the best screenshot will be used as banner for our Facebook and for one event of the week, to participate you just have to follow these rules :
- Only flight simulator or Euroscope Screenshots
- Only Images taken in italian airspace ( we have to identify that the screenshot was taken in italian airspace)
- Picture Format: jpeg, png, bmp, pjpeg, gif, x-png

All images/imgur links must be sent to [email protected]

Contest start : 2 March 2019

Contest end : 2 April 2019
By marcus holmes 815851
#531246 Alessandro

I would remove the condition of the screenshot only being in Italian airspace (with the need to identify it is in Italian airspace), as this is very limiting. If you want more people to join the screenshot contest you need to make it more open.
By Alessandro Buscaglione 1155449
#532046 Screenshot winner of this month is Oliver Philip Guhl with his screenshot of a B737-800 of Ryanair departing from Milan Malpensa. Thanks Oliver!