By Anastasios Petros Stefopoulos 901134
#511934 Dear staff, colleagues and members,
it is with great regret to announce Alan Cooke has stepped down as Deputy Regional Director of VATSIM Asia, due to real life commitments . Alan's decision came after serious thinking and weighing pros and cons, stepping down in a very good standing . Alan has participated, assisted and implemented various projects Region-wide and group specific in Divisions, the latest one ASIA_W_FSS covering VATWA Division.
I would like to warmly thank Alan for his passion, dedication, assistance, team spirit and excellent cooperation.
A real asset that will definitely be missed.
THANK YOU for your contribution into Asia Region communities and its members!
Best wishes Alan on your real life commitments , see you out there flying and providing ATC.
By Anthony Colduck 1318565
#511936 Alan Alan Alan,

What can i say mate not enough from regional membership to mentor and a friend you have tough me so much truly will be missed from the ASIA region mate I wish you all the best for the future on VATSIM and in real life mate please dont be a stranger :D
By Alan Cooke 1194659
#512017 Thank you for the kind words guys. I have enjoyed my 2 and a half years on region staff at Asia and have met so many people. Some of whom have become good friends. Who knows in the future I may return and of course if I can help on anything at all please let me know. Asia is a great region to be part of which I will miss but I am also now looking forward to having some VATSIM experience a little closer to home.
Take care guys and don't worry I will still be about.