By Anastasios Petros Stefopoulos 901134
#526510 VATSIM West Asia Division announces the position vacancy of Division Training Director (VATWA3) . The announcement can be found in a PDF format HERE.


Announcement – Staff Position Vacancy VATSIM West Asia Division Training Director (VATWA3)
The Training Director is a key role for any division but in VATWA, It is the key role in ensuring activity is maintained within the Division and local vACC’s. The Training Director coordinates with all local vACC Training Team members and also works with Neighboring Divisions to maintain a realistic and active training program. The Training Director is desirable but not mandatory, to be able to commit for at least 2 Years.
Applications shall be sent in a CV format to VATSIM Asia Region Director (a.stefopoulos(at) with subject “VATWA3 Application”.
Applicants are required to provide contact information.
Since this is a key role with in VATSIM Asia Region, the successful candidate will be expected to commit at least one (1) year, fulfilling the duties of this staff position.
Once the application is received and reviewed, a confirmation email will be sent.
Please state also your contact details (for example, skype )
All applicants will be informed of the final outcome of their application.
POSITION VACANCY: Division Training Director, VATWA3
REPORTS TO: West Asia Division Director, VATWA1
RESPONSIBLE FOR: Divisional Training – Training Management – Training Manuals
 Responsible for Maintaining/Auditing all training content for the Division and vACC’s.
 Manage the training team consisting of vACC and Divisional Training Members/Instructors.
 Issue Upgrades to members of VATWA Division, recommended by the vACC Instructors.
 Evaluating and Appointing authorized Examiners and Instructors organizing Practical Test and Instruction sessions for official and unofficial vACCs that are lacking Instructors/Examiners
 Provides support to any enquiries by members of VATWA through email or Support Network.
 Pursue issues related to training such as Delays, Member Exclusion, Misuse of Authority and Other Conflicts.
 Manages and maintains the Division’s Training Department webpage(Training material, INS Roster etc)
 Maintains a strong online presence on the VATSIM Network.
Person Specification:
 Familiar with ATC Operations Including Local Knowledge, Ideal Candidate will hold at least a C1 Rating.
 Must be a member in Good standing within the VATSIM Network (no serious disciplinary action taken within the last 12 months).
 Able to reply to emails in a timely manner.
 Expected to be able to commit at least 5 Hours a week to this role.
 Previous staff roles or other experience of management aspects desirable but not mandatory.
 Ability to communicate clearly through different mediums to different people of different cultures.
 Fluent in English Language. Additional languages will be an advantage.
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By Raihan Shahzad 1208205
#528945 We are still accepting applications for VATWA3 position, interested candidates can apply with copy of CV through [email protected]