By Stephen Peppes 1399669
#530625 My spacebar doesn't seem to work when I have anything related to SquawkBox open. When I first log in I can't put a space between my first and last name, and when typing text messages to controllers nothing happens when I push the space bar. Any suggestions are appreciated, I can't fly with VATSIM right now because I need that space in between my first and last name!
By Mats Edvin Aaro 1227980
#530628 Might be a workaround for now - I can't say what the problem is. But try to copy a space from a text field outside SB, and paste it between the names. Might work if it's the actual spacebar which is causing the problem.
By Don Desfosse 1035677
#530642 If it's about the plugin, it's a plugin design error. If it's about a user assigning the space bar as a hotkey, then, really, it would be the old PEBKAC error. :D

But yes, if the OP indicates that he posted in SquawkBox instead of XSquawkBox, or "Other Pilot Software", I'll be happy to move the thread.