By Maciej Stoltny 1199895
#422180 hi! I've got very similar problem. I'm using windows 7 64 bit and squawkbox 4, fsx with sp 1 and 2. I cannot see other users aircraft but they can see mine. Second thing is that with squaw box turned on I see traffic generated by fsx I can also hear fsx atc. Shouldn't it be that when I turn on squawk box the fsx traffic and atc turn off automatically? Any ideas what might be the reason? Thanks for Your help.
By Ernesto Alvarez 818262
#422206 for your first issue, try turning off ground shadows

for your second issue, FSX will still have AI traffic and ATC on when using the clients, you need to disable them in your FSX settings. turn your ATC sound slider in the settings all the way down (left), and disable the AI traffic
By Vlad Borzakovsky 1140467
#425528 Using BitDefender here, windows 7 Home Premium x64 bits.
Am I suffering from this issue ? I recently installed MyTraffic 2010. tried to make .SMS for that for SB (since it has no traffic models nor it will use useraircraft models or ai models to represent other players) but it failed. now i cant see any AI traffic on free flight, even when squawkbox is off.
Order of Scenery Library:
AI Traffic
[payware sceneries...]
MyTraffic 2010
Addon Scenery
[all default fsx sceneries]

My antivirus is always set to Game Mode when I play a game (turning active scanning off and some other things)
anybody can help me ?