By Mirza Ibrahimovic 890112
#354910 Brian, 32 or 64bit Vista? As maybe read above, updating your Vista with the Windows SP helps. Maybe it also works for Win7 and you just have to update the win from start to end...

I bought a new PC with Vista and imm installed FS9, it didn't work. When I finaly with the time the next few days updated the Vista and got all the updates necessary, then it worked by it self. And at that time I used a Norton Trial, that one I uninstalled and did go to Avast, it works fine now ;)

But some times when I fly and restart SB in same FS-session (meaining I quit SB and restart, e.g. due to sound issue with HDMI/Speaker settings/selection), I also experience that some times I don't se 1 of the planes after restarting SB. But then I just save flight, set up my sound devices and restart FS and SB and it works again.
By John Rossiter 1145950
#410416 My problem is slightly different, I can see about 2/3rds of aircraft near me. Sometimes there will be one right next to me ( a friend ) and I can't see anything...I've turned off my firewalls and installed the fix.

FSX SP2 on Windows Vista 32 bit
By Norman Blackburn 870575
#410423 John are you using FSX? If so chance are you have aircraft shadows on which when combined with dx10 can make some AI aircraft invisible. The solution is to turn off the shadows.
By Ernesto Alvarez 818262
#410499 could possibly be a port time out problem, altho i'd think you would lose all traffic if it was, not just some.

try port forwarding port 6809, thats the one that handles the traffic, if i remember right anyway.

3290 is the voice port
By Greg Jesse 1196425
#418546 I'm using Windows XP... I'm thinking of upgrading to Windows 7 32-bit, but it seems this problem still exists. Does anyone have any hotfix info for XP or Win 7? (Vista is NOT an option). I can't see any "other" aircraft. I also don't have any firewalls or antivirus software on this particular machine. Any ideas?