By Antonio Palmieri 821108
#434218 Hello everyone. Thank you Jesus for the admirable work you have put into this, and also to everyone else supporting it. I successfully installed WoA, and the SMS file generated by the SMS generator. I installed it in SB4 and it works great.

It took 55 seconds for FSX to start up without the WoA folder in \simobjects (35 secs until progress bar, another 20 seconds until aircraft displayed in fsx)
It now takes 4 minutes for FSX to start up with the WoA folder in \simobjects (3 minutes until progress bar, another minute until aircraft is displayed)

There is about 1GB of data in the WOA folder.

Is there a way around this? Is FSX loading every item in the simobjects folder during startup? If it turns out WoA doesn't work on my system, what other package do you recommend for just displaying models in SB4 ?

Any help appreciated. Many thanks,
By Brad Rich 1157945
#434398 I moved the new sms file to >simobjects>airplanes>squakbox after creating this same file within the UT2 folder that was moved to the desktop. I moved this file back to >simobjects<

That left me with the step, "If using FSX make sure a Simobjects.x=SimObjects\YYY line exists pointing tomthe directory where the script modifed you AI folders!" Where should this line be?


PS: My SMS file is 98KB. Does this seem correct?
By John Rooum 1013523
#448884 Appreciate this has been quiet for a long time. However, I've just spent a couple of days trying to use the SMS Generator with no success. It ran fully just once with a package of 6 of the aircraft from Jf Traffic X but I could not see them when trying to set my own aircraft as one of the liveries in SB4. Since then I have tried multiple times with several different AI packets and in every case get the same result:

Run time error
Line 53 Char 1
File Not Found.

I've seen mention of this as a very basic error early in this thread but none of the possible fixes work for me

Very grateful; if anyone has any fresh ideas

John Rooum
By Daniel Roe 1275892
#458766 Hello, I recently ran the SMS creator for my ICE AI traffic. I got rid of the Qmark aircraft, but there are airlines such as Fedex and many others that still show as VIP....

Also, there are 2 aircraft at startup that say theyre "same name" aircraft. (the ATR500 and a 767 or something)

When I connect to VATSIM, I get ALL the CRJs' dialog boxes, the YAKs, and some other a/c saying it cant find them to load...about 40 total boxes i have to click to still get the ICE modelset to load.

What do I do??
By Don Desfosse 1035677
#458778 Hi Daniel,

Caveat: I am not an expert at model matching, which is probably why I, after 7+ years on VATSIM, still have lots of VIP planes.... But I'll try.

If you don't have the aircraft that the other pilot is flying in your library, you'll see it as a VIP. For example, say your ICE AI includes the Southwest B733, B735, and B737, but the other pilot is flying a Southwest B738. You don't have a Southwest B739, so I believe the other pilot's aircraft will show as a VIP. Ernesto may be able to confirm/deny that.

The key for the duplicate aircraft is to record which models are showing as a dupe. Go into the folder that houses that model (Simobjects, Airplanes) and look for the aircraft.cfg file. Open it in a text editor (e.g. Notepad). Do a search (Ctrl-F) for "fltsim" (without the quotes). That will bring you to the top of your aircraft. You need to look at the titles and find and eliminate the duplicate titles. There should be a clue as to which ones are duplicates in the error message you receive. Note: Make sure that if you are deleting aircraft in the middle of your file, you renumber the fltsim.x numbers so they start at 0 and go up by one for each aircraft, without skipping any numbers.

I remember having to click through the can't find errors, but only the first time after I loaded after running the model matching. Did it just happen once, or multiple times. Not entirely sure, since it was only once for me, but one thought if it's multiple times is -- did you run the smscreator and are you doing all of this work as the administrator?

It's not perfect, but it's pretty good once you've done the tweaks.
By Gonzalo Ramazco 1039725
#459757 Hi people, I'm having a little issue when trying to use my generated SMS file.

First of all, I've run the SMS Creator over the WoAI packages, obviously on separated folders (not in the FS9 Aircraft folder), and it has worked flawlessly. But when I tested it on SquawkBox, it seems like it worked OK, (.cheat model showed something like this :LANXXXX WoA_AIA_B763_PW/LAN-LAN Airlines) but the aircraft displayed was the same as mine (Project Airbus A320, nothing to do with the World of AI package).

Whats going on?.

By Herby GORE 1217546
#460267 Finally tried this SMS creator...
I have UT2 so I made a copy of the UT2 folder (as recommanded in the readme) and ran the script inside this folder. But very quickly after launching the script, I came accross this error:
Windows Script Host
Script d:\proba\sms_creator.vbs
Line 123
Char 4
Error Type mismatch: 'basic_array(...)'
Code 800A000D
Source Microsoft VBScript runtime error

I found this post earlier in this topic and gave a try to the older version of SMS creator ( This time, the script ran without problem.
But after testing the result on VATSIM, I found out that most of the aircrafts (not all??) have no landing gear on ground :shock: Any idea how to fix this?

Another problem: I still have some paper planes. For instance a B772/Q (info from qutescoop) appears like a paper plane. I've modified the file "related.txt" in the SB install folder with the following inputs:
; Boeing 777 series
B772 B773 B77L B77W B777
But, despite that, still have those B772/Q looking like paper plane :(
By Norman Blackburn 870575
#460283 Landing gear - if you read the enclosed documentation it will explain how to have aircraft display with gear. The downside is that the gear will show in the cruise also.
By Herby GORE 1217546
Norman Blackburn 870575 wrote:Landing gear - if you read the enclosed documentation it will explain how to have aircraft display with gear. The downside is that the gear will show in the cruise also.
Thanks Norman. I guess the fix you point me to is to add "FIX_GEAR_DOWN = 1" at the beginning of the script. I will give it a try and will report here if it works.
However, I just saw that the documentation coming from the link I give in my previous post does not mention this trick. That's why I didn't know before.
By Roger Curtiss 810159
#460917 Am I correct in surmising that this SMSCreator will only work if one has an AI add-on package? I do not but would like to get the correct designators for aircraft when running SB4. The current setup has these model sets in the SB Model Set Order Preference box:

Squawkbox3 Default Models
VIP3 Model Set

So-does SMSCreator work with the Squawkbox3 Model Set? (The readme states it will not work with VIP sets)