By Matt Pullman 1034732
#361340 Hey guys, just started flying on fsx again after updating my computer and now finding time once again.

I've installed FSX on windows 7....

Installed the level D 767... Works fine

Now I've installed Squawkbox 4..... doesn't work on fsx.

I installed firstly and then went into fsx expecting it to be under the add-ons tab but unfortunately, it's not.

I then went to try and open it externally (closing fsx) and I get this message:


Any Ideas guys? :?
By Matt Pullman 1034732
#361354 That error code means STATUS_SXS_ASSEMBLY_NOT_FOUND

Most likely your SimConnect install is broken. An FSX reinstall might fix things, or maybe you need an OS reinstall.

apparently that's what the error code I got given means.

I reallly don't want to start re-installing my OS and fsx for something minute as this?
By Norman Blackburn 870575
#361355 I dont see the image (viewing this from my phone) so dont see the actual error message - sorry!

As for Simconnect, you can install it from the FSX disk. What FSX Service pack are you using (none, SP1, SP2)?
By Peter Ng 1157782
#361844 I get this message "SquawkBox was unable to establish a connection with a running copy of Microsoft FS. FS must be running and have the FSUIPC module installed in order for SquawkBox to operate correctly."

could someone please teach me how to install FSUIPC module?? thanks
By Andreas Fuchs 810809
#361873 Another hint is to make sure that in LevelD the batteries and all systems are switched on. I picked up this information on one of these forums.
By Brian Harrington 995022
#445050 I've been running Squawkbox since it came out with no problems until I installed FSX. I have had numerous assertion errors ever since. Tried everything suggested on the various Forums with no luck. Finally switched to FSInn.!!! IT has been fanantastic, No problems at all. I have made 10 complete flights with no issues other that you should use FSX weather above FL245.

I recommend you give it a try. It'
s alittle more complicated but has many more advantages. ... n-install/

Brian H.