By Derek Schumann 1203303
#431091 Newbie alert. Tried to find the answer in the forums and google etc.. no luck.

Windows 7 + FSX + SB4

From what I've read SB4 is suppose to be linked to com1. But I can change the freq. on the radio stack in my Carenado Bonanza a33 all I want, it does not link to Squawk box. It stays at 128.30.... any trick to syncing these together? All documentation states a seemless intigration, but not for me. Suggestions?

Will the .com commands help :?:
By Ernesto Alvarez 818262
#431093 make sure you are changing the primary frequency, not the standby one. some radios have a standby one and a primary. post a screenshot and im sure someone will be able to show you whats happening. cant miss it, one should be marked "standby", the other is marked "use".
By Steven Cullen 841154
#431116 It should work straight away, on the SB4 window it should show you what freq is tuned. Also try .com1 122.80 or whatever the freq you require is.