By Michael Garrett 1110871
#440228 Hi everyone, i've read a lot of the forum help here on this topic, but nothign has fixed the issue for me.

Recently my traffic stopped showing on Vatsim. I can hear and interact with traffic/atc, but i cannot see it.

I use FSX, and SB4. Windows 64 bit home edition too.

I have disabled shadows and still nothing is showing.

I'd love some assistance. thanks! :)

By Andy Zarkos 1183169
#441963 Im in the same boat as Mike. I (we) need assistance with this. i have reviewed most if not all the forum posts tried all of the suggestions and nothing seems to be working. When I log into VATSIM via SB4 I will see Triangles with a question mark. Shadows are turned off, AI aircraft slider is full to the left (Off). My Firewall is turned off when I fly. I have the free version of AVG 2012. I have a ARRIS router.

Please, before I gouge out my eyes with a letter opener, will someone with more smarts than me assist us.


By Ernesto Alvarez 818262
#441964 the question mark means it wasnt able to figure out what the other user is, happens. instead of showing nothing, it shows that

you can try to improve that by adding more models for it to choose from. see the post by Jesus Altuve a few down for his program that will do the work for you.

your issue by the way is not the same as the OP's. his is he cant see traffic at all