By Arthur Melton 1092578
#526976 Just recently I have installed NDN [our fibre network] this has cut off my contact to vatsim through the aircraft control panel I have downloaded and installed fresh copies of FSinn1.3 and 1.7 ,the control panel appears oK I have put in the AU contact but when I select Co-pilot in the aircraft I get "Connection to Lobby failed". and then after a short time I get "Lobby launched failed ,could not connect to host".help. Art.
By Randy Tyndall 1087023
#526995 Hi Arthur,

After you reinstalled FSInn and FSCopilot did you allow them as exceptions through the firewall. With the new fiber optic connection I wonder if they are being blocked?

By Arthur Melton 1092578
#527002 Hi Randy, I typed Firewall in the search box in Windows 10 and got to Ällow apps to communicate thru Windows defender Firewall. This showed FSFDT Control panel = 1 public
FSINN Application [2off] =1 public + 1private. Also tried with defender switched OFF. As you suggest something appears to be blocking the Lobby launch as the control panel starts up with FS Inn in green and the shortly afterwards changes to Orange and finally "could not connect to Host.
By Arthur Melton 1092578
#527007 After much playing around and searches I got to do the following. Start FS9>click on Flights [full screen]>click on Multyplayer>click on Join>Click on Co-pilot as usual. Bingo.