By Marc-Antoine Nadeau 1182707
#529980 Hello,

I was on VATSIM couple years ago and I decided to come back. I've installed FSINN to connect to VATSIM but I'm unable to get any voice from my mic. My push to talk works but I can't talk. I've tried the recorder on windows and my mic is recognized perfectly there. I've also tried Vpilot and I got the same problem there.

It's a bluetooth headset.

Anyone knows how to fix this?
By Mats Edvin Aaro 1227980
#529981 How are you trying to check if you get output on your voice? Are you sure the frequency you're trying on is accepting voice etc? If you can, try another headset and see if that works, can help to troubleshoot whether this is your microphone or your software..
By Marc-Antoine Nadeau 1182707
#529982 When I go in the control panel and I look at my soumd devices, I can see the green bars going uo and down when I speak and I also record my voice using an other voice.
For the frequency, I log in where there was a controller and I could hear the controler and all other aircraft transmit on that frequency
By Randy Tyndall 1087023
#529987 Marc-Antoine,

I have used FSInn since 2009 when I first joined and never had a problem with it until the last time I installed it when I got a new system in 2014.

I bought a refurbished dual core from NewEgg. It was an HP with a Win7 Pro 64-bit OS. All my programs and addons installed flawlessly with the exception of FSInn. Although it appeared to be working fine, like you, I could hear ATC but could not transmit. For my first few flights after that I had to resort to text, which worked just fine.

Then one evening in early 2015 I remembered that for some reason in the past I had disconnected the FSFDT Control Panel that installs with FSCopilot and FSInn. It's the "Traffic Signal" looking panel. I don't recall why I had disconnected it, but I did remember that from that point on I could hear, but not transmit and had to use text for the remainder of the flight.

I have FSFDT set to start anytime my Simulator (FSX and FS2004 both) starts. On a whim I opened the FSFDT Control Panel and was surprised to see that it recognized my system speakers and my headset earphones, but the microphone entry was blank. Pressing the "arrow" beside the blank microphone box gave me a list of options to choose from, one of them being the headset's microphone. Once I selected that I could transmit and receive.

I thought it was just an assignment I would have to do once and forget, but the next time I flew that microphone box was again blank and I had to select my headset microphone again to make it active. It is blank every time I start FSX or FS2004 now, so I always have to remember to assign my microphone in the FSFDT control panel each time.

The correct Control Panel is, again, the traffic signal one that appears in the status bar, not the FSInn Control Panel. Mine is usually found in the "Other Icons" tab of the lower status bar. Or, alternately, you can browse your hard drive and find the folder named "FSFDT" and open the folder within called "Control Panel". Inside you will find FSFDTCP.exe to open the control panel.

Sounds confusing I know and if you get "lost" I can post some screenshots of what to do to see if my problem (and solution) is the same as yours.

By Don Desfosse 1035677
#529994 First, welcome back! Unfortunately I can't help with FSInn but am wondering if you've got something blocking your voice connection. The vPilot Tips, Tricks, FAQ, and Troubleshooting Guide at viewtopic.php?f=132&t=64672 has some tips on troubleshooting/correcting blocked connections that you could try.

When you tried to transmit on vPilot, what kind of an error did you get (i.e. was there an error/buzz sound)? Did you see the blue TX light light up?

You can't post screenshots to the forums directly, but could post them to another site (e.g. and post the links here.