By David Howell 1037923
#406403 Hi,
Last time I needed help was setting up FSCopilot and FSInn in 2007.

I recently had to format and reinstall everything on my drive C: I did copy all files to my external HDD but for some reason I cannot find any of the Flt Sim files. I am using FS9 on Windows XP.

I installed FSCopilot and FSInn from the recommended Vatsim site. When I try to bring up CHAT I receive a window stating Chat was not able to come up due to an unlisted error.
Also when I bring up VVL the three horizontal green bars do not come up; just a blue one that states "Pending".

Any assistance from the membership would be appreciated...!!!

Dave Howell
By David Howell 1037923
#406406 Hi,
Since I had to reformat I downloaded from the site Vatsim directed me to. I installed FSCopilot first then FSInn. As far as I could tell the installation went OK until I brought up FS9 and went on line which was ok; I had the Vatsim server info so I connected to Vatsim OK
Tried to bring up "Chat" window but received the following error:

By Ernesto Alvarez 818262
#406407 your using XP right?

without flightsim running, go to your start menu, program files, fsfdt, open FSINNUI. click on the chat button, open SET, open the rest, in that order.

then you can close FSINN and you should be set
By David Howell 1037923
#406415 Hi,
Great! Thanks....It works, I now have the chat window...!
Any advice on my comm problem; why do I have, instead of the three green connection horizonal bars, I have one blue one that say's "Pending"?
Also when I bring up the FSFDT control panel it has the wrong comm connection site in the comm1 text portion; it has a "live.atc" script; I need to enter ""; that is what I used before, but I forgot how or where to go to enter the text.

By Ernesto Alvarez 818262
#406417 unicom is text as primary on vatsim. voice is secondary.

try tuning in to an active controllers frequency and see if it still happens.

also verify what have you added to your firewall exceptions?
By Ernesto Alvarez 818262
#406425 you are more then likely being blocked by the firewall

add these to your firewall and antivirus

post a screenshot of your FSFDT control panel > config window (while connected to the network)
By Ernesto Alvarez 818262
#406433 press the print screen button, open MS paint or whatever editing program you have. save as jpg or gif, upload to any free photo hosting service (flickr, photobucket, etc.. ) then post the url