By David Howell 1037923
#406403 Hi,
Last time I needed help was setting up FSCopilot and FSInn in 2007.

I recently had to format and reinstall everything on my drive C: I did copy all files to my external HDD but for some reason I cannot find any of the Flt Sim files. I am using FS9 on Windows XP.

I installed FSCopilot and FSInn from the recommended Vatsim site. When I try to bring up CHAT I receive a window stating Chat was not able to come up due to an unlisted error.
Also when I bring up VVL the three horizontal green bars do not come up; just a blue one that states "Pending".

Any assistance from the membership would be appreciated...!!!

Dave Howell
By David Howell 1037923
#406406 Hi,
Since I had to reformat I downloaded from the site Vatsim directed me to. I installed FSCopilot first then FSInn. As far as I could tell the installation went OK until I brought up FS9 and went on line which was ok; I had the Vatsim server info so I connected to Vatsim OK
Tried to bring up "Chat" window but received the following error:

By David Howell 1037923
#406415 Hi,
Great! Thanks....It works, I now have the chat window...!
Any advice on my comm problem; why do I have, instead of the three green connection horizonal bars, I have one blue one that say's "Pending"?
Also when I bring up the FSFDT control panel it has the wrong comm connection site in the comm1 text portion; it has a "live.atc" script; I need to enter ""; that is what I used before, but I forgot how or where to go to enter the text.