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#411625 since lots of folks are missing the troubleshooting information below the installation instructions, i have decided to split them from the install post and hopefully this makes the troubleshooting information easier to spot.

for more troubleshooting information not included in this post, please see the FAQ's and the Manual




      The most common problem that can occur after this simple installation is having a third party firewall block access. If you have problems, check the program control of your firewall program and give full access to the three modules:


    The Text Chat Error (and other .ocx errors)

      When running the text chat the first time it might give an error. You can fix this by running FSInnUI (the Inn Control Panel) once from the Start Menu and clicking on Chat. (For Vista right click to run as administrator.)

    vatsimvl.ocx when trying to start FSINN

      When trying to start FSINN for the first time, if you get a vatsimvl.ocx, you can fix this by shutting down the FSFDT Control Panel on your taskbar. double click on it, then press shutdown. after that, you can start FSINN. after starting FSINN, start the FSFDT Control panel again by going to your start menu, then the FSFDT folder, then click Control Panel. This only needs to be done the first time running FSINN, after that you can have FSFDT autostart from your FSINN settings

    .OCX error when trying to open SET in FSINNUI

      If you still continue to get the OCX error when trying to open the SET menu after doing the above fix, open FSFDT Control panel (FSFDTCP.exe) then run FSINNUI. the OCX should clear after doing this

    440 Automation Error (Added by EA April 06, 2011)

    For Windows 7 users. if you get a 440 Automation Error upon trying to start FSX, disable the User Account Controls (UAC) then run FSX after restarting your system. this should clear the error. after the error is cleared, you can safely turn UAC back on

    to disable/turn on UAC. do the following

      Go to Start Menu -> Control Panel -> System and Security -> Action Center.

      Click or right click on Flag icon in notification area (system tray), and then Open Action Center.

      Click on User Account Control settings link

    Error when Exiting Flight Simulator

      Turn off Sky Blue Radio Tuner.
      (Addons -> FSCopilot -> Settings -> Tuner -> [click to toggle] Enabled/Disabled)

    Changing Versions

      Be sure to do a full uninstall of FSCopilot/FSInn when changing versions

    FSX - Seeing AI (and hearing FSX's ATC and ATIS) when on VATSIM

      To avoid the confusion of having FSX's AI and ATC popup when on VATSIM move the traffic sliders all the way to the left.

      Disable FSX's voice (the conflicting ATIS).
      (From FSX's menu: Options -> Settings -> Sound -> [uncheck] Voice)

    Weather Bug in FSInn/FSX (affects Speeds, Temperatures, and Climb [above FL245])

      This is an issue with FSX/Simconnect/weather. When flying at high altitudes (above FL245) there's a miscommunication between FSX and FSInn concerning the temperature. This TAT problem isn't experienced when flying below FL245.

      The resolution is to turn off FSInn's weather when flying above FL245 and use an alternate such as FSX's weather. There are two ways.

      • Turn the weather off by default (Inn Control Panel -> Set -> Weather [Check/Uncheck]). With this option You will in effect use whatever alternate weather you already have in effect with Flight Simulator.
      • Or (what I consider preferred) turn it off or on on-the-fly by clicking the CAVOK bottom to turn FSInn's Weather off or clicking the VATSIM cloud to turn it on. When you turn FSInn's weather off, use FSX's download real weather +15 minute option. To resume FSInn's VATSIM weather, just click on the cloud next to VATSIM

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