By Or Montag 1115418
#423342 I installed FSX with some of Israel's scenerys and everything is fine. My problem is in FSINN. Yesterday I tried to install it without FSINN Troubleshooting from the forum and it is not appearing in Add Ons. Today I installed the FSINN with FSINN Troubleshooting in the forum, I opened ports on router and did exactly what it says and then I went to FSX and still does not show anything in Add Ons. There appears only VistaMare something.
What should I do?
By Ernesto Alvarez 818262
#423433 check the order of your dll xml file

type or copy and paste


into Start > Run or the search menu in Win7, look for the dll.xml file there

open it with notepad

copy and paste the contents here, or check where the fscopilot.dll entry is in there, it must be at the bottom. if its not you can paste the contents in here

it will reorder it for you. then just paste it back to your file and save
By Or Montag 1115418
#423819 Ok I updated my XML file in this website but I had to restart my computer and than it worked. Every time I install addon for FSX I have to update the XML file? Why I have to restart my computer? Few days ago I had the same problem and I had to restart my computer again.
By Ernesto Alvarez 818262
#423820 you dont need to update it all the time, the fscopilot entry should remain at the bottom. if however it doesnt, youll need to move it again.

its always recommended you restart your PC, especially before running intense games like flight simulator, otherwise its possible you may run into memory errors or a few others