By Stephen Cotterill 1016107
#428913 Hi All

For some time now we have been unable to select a connection server by using the load server button and drop down list in FSInn.


I have created a simple installer that will now correct this issue that is available on our site here >> ... lect&id=15
Just download the file FSInn Load Server Fix and unzip her and then run the exe file. [64 bit run as administrator]

If you have installed FSInn other than to the default location please ensure you select your correct drive and FSFDT Root Directory location.
Example F:\FSStuff\etc\FSFDT

If your installation is in the default location you won’t have to change anything.
The Default locations are;
32 Bit Installations C:\Program Files\FSFDT
64 Bit Installations C:\Program Files (x86)\FSFDT

When you press the “Load Server” button and then [a few seconds later] click on the drop down box you should see;


For those who wish to manually fix the issue
Navigate to your ….FSFDT\FSCopilot\FSInn Directory
Open your VATSIM ini file (Usually the FSInnNet1.ini)
Change the line

Save and close

The installer just saves the problems some experience with VISTA / W7 Security when modifying files.


Director, Operations
By Ernesto Alvarez 818262
#432430 that one probably wouldnt be to hard to change for anyone with the "know how" to do. FSINN already allows for the URL to be changed to a different address from the settings :)

i actually thought thats how the other folks were going to do it when i first heard of those but they seem to have chosen instead to do it via download with those.
By Randy Tyndall 1087023
#479485 Didn't work for me either, Ernesto. Just did a complete fresh install of FSInn on a Win 7 Pro 64-Bit and gave up on the load server fix and typed it in by hand. Will say, however, that FSInn worked flawlessly as soon as I found a server on the list that was working. Finally went to VATSPY and pinged servers there to find a good one for my area.

The key is attention to details and follow the instructions...even if it is the 37th time you've installed it.