By Tim Wong 1179662
Ernesto Alvarez 818262 wrote:its a program used by instructors and mentors for training.

its only available to those members.

its not really a program you can use for practice on your own, especially since your supposed to have an instructor/mentor with you when on the sweatbox server

if you are an instructor/mentor, youll need to contact your training department for the info.

if you are a student, you dont need the program. your instructor/mentor uses it to generate traffic on the sweatbox server. you dont need the program to see that traffic, all you need to do is connect to the sweatbox server and your instructor/mentor will control the traffic

By Bradley Grafelman 1242018
Matthew Campbell 1313538 wrote:If anyone still has Acsim i already have twr Trainer but if anyoine has Acsim. please send it to my email.
[email protected]

Not sure why either of them would be useful as an S1, but have you already tried asking ZMA's training staff if any of them have it?