By Blake Nahin 1275302
#490305 I was mentoring a student at Portland Intl. on Sweatbox tonight, when I received repeated PMs from 4 different aircraft:

Code: Select all[05:148] ASA1290: This is a simulated plane/controller connection provided by SLC_CTR. No controller received your message.

Anyone know why this happened?


Blake Nahin
VATUSA ZSE C1 Webmaster
By Ross Carlson 887155
Christos Kokkinomagoulos 1223529 wrote:This happens if Euroscope's training simulator is used. It is triggered if an ATC message is transmitted or a PM is sent to one of the aircraft.

It actually happens when any text message is sent and Euroscope targets are in range, not just PMs or ATC messages.

I sent Gergely a note about this when I encountered the problem a while back. I believe he'll be fixing it in a future release.