By Edward Sterling 810627
#490723 Hi all,
I am the FE for ZAB and new to ACtrainer. Sorry if this question has been asked and answered before, but is there a way to implement an ILS approach to an airport (in my case KPHX), so the instructor, after the student gives the command, can get the aircraft to lock on and fly the ils?

Thanks for any info on this and if this is not a correct question, let me know that also,
Ed Sterling
By Edward Sterling 810627
#490738 Hi Ross,
I am going to say ACSim, as TwrTrainer has basic commands to go on final "ef" and to land full stop "fs".

My instructors are not able to get the aircraft in ACSim to lock onto the ils and that is suppose to be a feature of the program.
They asked me to look and see if something is missing from our sector file that will enable that feature.

What should I be looking for, either in ACSim itself or in my sector file or does it live somewhere else?

Thanks for any help or insights you can give me.

By Ross Carlson 887155
#490739 I'm afraid I won't be much help ... I haven't used ACSim much at all, and the little I did use it was a decade ago. Hopefully someone who has setup and configured ACSim recently can help.
By Don Desfosse 1035677
#490740 Yes. Once the target is on an intercept of +/- 30 degrees from the runway heading, if the Instructor enters the runway number into the heading field (instead of a heading), the airport ID (e.g. KXXX) should appear above the heading block to signify ILS intercept to that runway. (Psst! Tell your training staff to actually read the ACSim Documentation! :) )
By Chris McGee 875722
#490768 I'm not a Euroscope guy at all, however the built in sweatbox tool is 1000% times more easy to use. ZERO dot commands, all slider bars and stuff like that. I don't use ES, but when I do, it's for approach sweatbox sessions.