By Donovan Patrick 1327883
#504607 I've been writing some ACSIM files and I am having trouble getting the planes to join the localizer and glideslope for the runways. I defined the runways in the [RUNWAY] section of the .sct file, but for some reason ACSIM doesn't see it when i type in the runway in the heading/fix field.

There's probably something that I'm missing but I don't know what it is. Any suggestions? Thanks.
By Jonas Kuster 1158939
#504625 As far as I remember, you have to define the ILS approaches as well in the scenario. Did you use the scenario editor? ... rio_editor
By Ross Carlson 887155
Don Desfosse 1035677 wrote:Donovan, can you either shoot me or post the relevant section from the [RUNWAY] section of your .sct file.

Please don't shoot Don ... we would miss him. :P
By Donovan Patrick 1327883
Don Desfosse 1035677 wrote:Donovan, can you either shoot me or post the relevant section from the [RUNWAY] section of your .sct file.

Don't wanna shoot ya, so I'll post the runways for Charlotte :mrgreen:

Code: Select all[RUNWAY]
36L 18R 002 182 35.20059 -80.96529 35.22525 -80.96739
36C 18C 002 182 35.19998 -80.95079 35.22736 -80.95314
36R 18L 002 182 35.20097 -80.93407 35.22468 -80.93608
05 23 055 235 35.20896 -80.94986 35.22259 -80.93112
02 20 016 196 35.37776 -80.71137 35.39775 -80.70686
By Don Desfosse 1035677
#504861 Those are missing the airport identifiers and the lat/lon info is incorrectly formatted.

Try this:

Code: Select all05  23  056 236 N035.12.32.229 W080.56.59.805 N035.13.21.418 W080.55.52.124 ;- KCLT CHARLOTTE/DOUGLAS INTL
18C 36C 184 004 N035.13.38.627 W080.57.11.409 N035.11.59.972 W080.57.02.922 ;- KCLT CHARLOTTE/DOUGLAS INTL
18L 36R 184 004 N035.13.29.047 W080.56.10.165 N035.12.03.446 W080.56.02.822 ;- KCLT CHARLOTTE/DOUGLAS INTL
18R 36L 184 004 N035.13.31.018 W080.58.02.707 N035.12.02.228 W080.57.55.068 ;- KCLT CHARLOTTE/DOUGLAS INTL
By Donovan Patrick 1327883
#504878 Okay, I put "23" in the LOC box for runway 23 and it displays "2NC5" above without an error message. I'm not sure what that means, but the aircraft still can't seem to capture the localizer (yes, they are on a 30 degree or less intercept heading).

For 18C, it shows "KCLT" at the top. The GS seems to work as well. However, the lateral path for the runway is off. The plane flies in between runway 18C and 18L instead of on the centerline, so the coordinates may need some tweaking.

I also got a "no elevation data for airport" error when typing "GS" for runway 23. So it seems like with runway 23 and 5, ACSIM can't "see" that this runway is at Charlotte.
By Don Desfosse 1035677
#504889 Take a peek at your data in [Runway] section for 2NC5. Is there any? There should not be. If there is, the headings should be 000 000 to indicate that there is no ILS approach. But honestly a heliport doesn't have runways so it shouldn't even be in the [Runway] section of your file.... :) If that doesn't help, please paste in your 2NC5 [Runway] data in your reply (and thanks for not shooting me :D ). By seeing 2NC5 in the box, it tells me someone put 2NC5 in your [Runway] section of your sector file. If I'm wrong, I'm gonna learn something! :)

In terms of 18C being off, does it end on the runway (or darn near close), or does it end off the runway too. I'm trying to figure out if the final approach course (184/004) is not aligned with the centerline (previously reported unresolved issue) in which case you'll need to change the course, or if the runway end (I published RW) is off from your sector file, in which case you'll need to determine the coordinates of the runway end in your sector file and use those.

On the elevation issue, when you join the aircraft to the localizer (before you attempt to join GS), can you confirm it's joining KCLT and not 2NC5? If 2NC5, I'll again suggest removing that airport from your [Runway] section.
By Donovan Patrick 1327883
#504908 The Charlotte runways are the only runways in the [RUNWAY] section. There's no runway for 2NC5. This is primarily the reason why I am having all these issues - none of the runways are actually defined in our sector files, so I have to define them myself.

EDIT: Problem solved. Deleted 2NC5 from the airport list. It seemed like ACSIM kept on "seeing" runway 23 and 5 as that helipad so I had to delete it. I corrected the headings for magnetic variation (2 degrees) on the runways and the planes stay on the centerline. They also capture the glideslope. :)