By Simon Vandersnickt 1317981
#513034 Hello everyone

I'm addressing myself to everyone using the SweatBox simulator server. It's a known issue that time commands in SweatBox are valid for the entire server. Tonight, I was training a member at EBBR_APP and the simulation was constantly pausing, accelerating at 4x speed etc., this way, normal vectoring became impossible. Therefore, I'd like to ask everyone the following things:

Never use time acceleration on SweatBox!

Don't pause the SweatBox simulation, but try to pause every plane separately when able. It's understandable that it might be necessary to pause the simulation quickly at some point, if so: pause the entire simulation, then quickly pause every aircraft, and press 'play' again so other users don't experience this pause (for long). If you don't, other mentors will probably press 'play' again and you pause again ...

When you don't want to do this, use the EuroScope beta, wherein this 'pause/resume' problem is fixed.

Thanks to everyone for understanding.