By Krikor Hajian 1283146
#527885 Jason,

While I'm not a developer, I am curious what you have in mind for this program. Currently, ZBW is using Euroscope to run TRACON sessions, and while it's far from perfect it allows us to input routes, simulates ground speeds, and we can program an altitude restriction so it's descend-via-ish. Is the idea for a program that runs through vSTARS (such as the real TRACON training system they use), or something new similar to Euroscope? What sort of features are you trying to implement that we don't have in current training solutions?
By Jason Helkenberg 913355
#527891 I use the real world sweatbox on a daily basis at D10 and i'd like to develop a program that resembles it. It uses STARS and a Target Generator key to input the command into the program. It would need to be made so that it can be mortified for different TRACONs (runways, approaches) ect. then facility engineers can create/modify the information and then create the scenarios.

in the real world its very simple to use. for example.

each airport has a letter to identify it. DFW is 0, DAL is D, Addison is Z, Alliance is A. heading is H, altitude is A and speed is V.

if i wanted American 1342 to fly heading 150, decend and maintain 3k till established on the loc and was cleared for the ils, i would enter this into STARS using the TGT key.


42 is last two of the call sign which means you cant have two aircraft with the same last two numbers.
the P is the (procedure) command. its used to tell the aircraft to proceed to/ cleared/fly to/ or do some sort of procedure.

on departures. the aircraft are designed to depart at certain times. once tagged, the controller cleared them to the boundary fix and resume own nav climbing to 17k and increasing speed to 280kts or better. so we enter this.


The V tells the aircraft to fly 300kts indicated airspeed. the PP is a proceed to and fly the SID/STAR at TIGGER intersection. if only 1 P, its just a fly direct to and then fly current heading past that.

If a airport code is associated with the P, your now clearing an aircraft for an approach.

there is so much more but that is the meat and potatoes.
By Ross Carlson 887155
#527893 Jason, were you hoping that these commands would be entered within vSTARS, like the real system, or would this be a separate application like TWRTrainer or ACSim?
By Ross Carlson 887155
#527897 How do they create the scenarios in the real system? I've used the real system to operate a scenario (using the commands you describe above) but I've never seen the scenario creation bit.

I would be open to adding a way to send RPO commands from vSTARS to a separate program if we could come up with something elegant for the communication protocol between vSTARS and your app.