By Paul Biderman 810078
#348507 Right but there are some commands relating to getting planes to fly localizers and ILS approaches and such. There used to be a web page that showed all the different things you could do with ACSim. I have a new trainer that was trying to learn how to use it and I couldn't remember the exact codes.
By Ryan Geckler 1104849
#348637 For localizers, just have your student type in the runway, just make sure that before you type that in, you have a correct intercept heading. Then, once established, type "GS" into the altitude box.
By Nicholas Cavacini 1084329
#423148 Graphic interface as in you have different boxes that information goes into. As you tab over the commands will be sent to the "aircraft" Your TA will probably be the best person to ask as he gave it to you and can work in real time with you.
By Ross Carlson 887155
#441897 I think I know what's happening here ... in preparation for releasing vSTARS, I think the server admin may have configured the sweatbox with the same authorized client list as for the regular servers. I'll contact him.