By Gerry Hattendorf 935415
#75585 Hey Jeff,

The reason why it wasn't loading the runways as most of the sector files would define the airport associated with the runway at the end of the string prefaced by ;- (so much for a standard format!!)

Anyway, I recoded the program to read them both ways, so if you would like to download it again, (same link) you should be good to go!

By Bradley Clements 1275828
#456551 Hello! I am new to all of this and extremely excited to be in the process of being trained! I am extremely tech savvy (troubleshooting/settings issues/resolving any issue windows or mac/adequate knowledge of java and javascript) and I have a macbook pro. All of the programs I have seen so far are windows programs with no mac option which surprises me because mac programs generally tend to be easier to build. I have yet to set up bootcamp and I was wondering if this tool and/or any of the other programs used have mac versions or if there is a better utility than bootcamp to run them. Thanks for your help!
By Mark-Julius Pikat 1051954
#486193 (Does anyone still own the tool? I need to speed up the process for creating TWRTrainer Airport file.)

DISREGARD! I have the file :) If someone needs it you can PM me.