By Jonathan Johnson 1332672
#523278 So just recently I've been having a problem with VRC, where if I don't key in/transmit in a certain amount of time (not sure of the exact time frame but it isn't long), I stop hearing voice. This has even happened during an FNO, which was when I first noticed the problem (the "not so bermuda" triangle event). It's very recent, only having started up this past month. Never had an issue before then.

Any ideas? Others can hear on the frequency just fine, it's only me that stops hearing. But once I go ahead and key in and transmit (even if it's for just a second or 2), things work again.
By Jonathan Johnson 1332672
#523301 I'll try that and report back. Thanks!!


seems (so far) to have resolved the issue. currently doing some ground at Cleveland, and no issues to report. Odd that I somehow ended up with a port issue but whatever I'll take the easy fix! :D