By Ross Carlson 887155
#112070 VRC 1.1 adds support for two new sector file sections called REGIONS and LABELS via the .sct2 file format. Information on these new sections can be found in Appendix F of the VRC User Manual: ... appendix_f
By Breydys Tapia 1068955
#307267 Hello.

I'm new at Vatsim, some friend gave me the VRC software, but i'm missing the sectors files, i live in Diminican Republic and i need the sectors of the Dominican FIR. Can you help me on this? i got like 8 months waiting for somebody of my country to help me out, and also a real tower controller on my country.

I will apriciate any help from you.


Breydys Tapia
By Paul Byrne 816289
#307289 Hi Breydys,

You can usually find the sector files at the websites for each area. For example:

You may have better luck contacting someone from that webpage and getting the information you require.

If you are still having problems making contact, then try this webpage:

Hope this helps.