By Chris Morrow 1023973
#517076 Please Help,

I am unable to connect to a server via VRC. I get the message "Could not retrieve server list from network. Using the cached server list and user-defined servers." when I start VRC.

In the log I see:

Performing version check...
Loading network information...
Error: Version check failed! HTTP error.

When I attempt to connect I see this in the log:

Network info loaded. 0 servers found.
Connecting to network...

I have not seen a fix for this anywhere. I keep reading to turn off firewall and malware detectors. I have uninstalled the malware detector, and had my firewall off. I have opened the appropriate ports on my router. I have no idea what to do. Someone has to have a fix for this.

Thanks for the help in advance!

By Chris Morrow 1023973
#517101 I am using version 1.2.4.

I woke up this morning, and I intended on reinstalling VRC. I opened up VRC to confirm the version number and it just started working. I have no idea why or how. It would be nice if someone could post a fix if they know.

By Kurt Ernstsen 1436327
#527589 Bump.
I installed VRC v1.2.4 yesterday and I get the same Version check failed error, as well as a Could noit retrieve server list from network message pop-up when I first launch the app after selecting a session profile. I have added VRC to the exclusions list in both Malwarebytes and Windows Defender. I have also verified that Windows Firewall is allowing access both on public and private networks.

Does any have a fix to these errors?

Thank you.
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By Kurt Ernstsen 1436327
#527591 I found another post that talked about adding a server.txt file and pasting a list of server IP address into it. the Program Files (x86)/VRC folder is listed as read-only and I cannot add a file to it. Odd. I'll look into that issue now. I installed the program using Run As Admin as instructed, I wonder if that may be related? I'll update when I figure this out.
By Kurt Ernstsen 1436327
#527620 Update. I found a link to VRC v1.2.5 and that solved all my problems. VATUSA training slides point to v1.2.4 of the app, so that may need to be updated sooner than later.

I also discovered that Windows 10 does not like you putting files (sector files, servers.txt, etc.) in the /Program Files (x86)/VRC folder, placing them in the /Documents/VRC folder is preferred. I still have the VRC folder listed as an exclusion in both Malwarebytes and Windows Defender, as well as Windows Firewall is set to pass all data for VRC on my private network, so the combination of those OS settings and the latest version of VRC is likely the complete fix for my issues.
By Don Desfosse 1035677
#527622 Ross should chime in to say if it's been fixed or not, because I don't recall seeing it was, but the 1.2.5 installer was taken down from the official VRC download website pretty quickly due to a bug that manifested itself as very choppy voice for many folks. Most (if not all) folks who installed 1.2.5 had to revert. That said, Ross updated the servers.txt file in the 1.2.4 installer (though I think he may still need to update it to reflect USA-S taking over for USA-C).