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The existing enroute sectors of Australia were developed many years ago and they were loosely based on some real world sectors. Some sectors had names or frequencies that were not associated to any real world links. Through the use of our sector file program and references to real world documentation, we have developed a precisely accurate depiction of Australian Airspace.

While it is not possible to exactly replicate real world, we have made a concerted effort to hold the realism to account. This change to airspace will be introduced in the next AIRAC release in early November.


This change will be effective as of 9 November 2016 1400 UTC. AIRAC1612 will be available to download including an updated Euroscope VATPAC Package Installer from 8 November 2016 0800 UTC.


Standard sectors are those which controllers with a C1 rating may open on a regular occasion. No permission is required to open these. The image below shows these sectors and the associated new callsign and frequencies where appropriate. Extended coverage is possible provided that:

(a) You only extend your coverage to sectors that share a common boundry

(b) You must be able to cover the whole sector using up to four visibility points with a diameter no larger than 400nm, as this is a radio range limitation set by VATSIM

(c) You must advise pilots via your controller information which standard sectors you are covering i.e. Extending coverage YDOS, YWOL

The following are the standard sectors in Australia:

BN-ARA_CTR 133.700 Brisbane Centre Arafura *
BN-DOS_CTR 135.600 Brisbane Centre Downs *
BN-ISA_CTR 125.200 Brisbane Centre Isa *
BN-MDE_CTR 133.000 Brisbane Centre Mudgee *
BN-TBP_CTR 120.550 Brisbane Centre Tabletop *
BN-TRT_CTR 133.200 Brisbane Centre Territory *

ML-ASP_CTR 131.800 Alice Springs *
ML-BKE_CTR 128.200 Bourke *
ML-ESP_CTR 123.950 Esperance *
ML-ORE_CTR 127.000 Ore *
ML-SNO_CTR 124.000 Snowy *
ML-TAS_CTR 123.800 Tasmania *
ML-TBD_CTR 125.300 Tailem Bend *
ML-WOL_CTR 125.000 Wollongong *



Non-standard sectors are used for events or period of high traffic volume where the workload of one standard sector controller would be inefficient or detracting from the experience of live ATC. In these circumstances a C3 controller or Deputy Director or above may approve the opening of a non-standard sector. A map showing all the non-standard sectors is attached.

The following non-standard sectors will be available when approved:

BN-ARM_CTR 130.900 Brisbane Centre Armidale
BN-BAR_CTR 123.800 Brisbane Centre Barra
BN-BUR_CTR 123.000 Brisbane Centre Burnett
BN-CVN_CTR 133.800 Brisbane Centre Carnarvon
BN-GRN_CTR 120.300 Brisbane Centre Grafton
BN-KEN_CTR 120.150 Brisbane Centre Kennedy
BN-KIY_CTR 133.400 Brisbane Centre Kimberley
BN-KPL_CTR 125.900 Brisbane Centre Keppel
BN-MLD_CTR 132.350 Brisbane Centre Maitland
BN-OCN_CTR 128.600 Brisbane Centre Ocean
BN-SDY_CTR 134.400 Brisbane Centre Straddy
BN-STR_CTR 134.400 Brisbane Centre Sturt
BN-SWY_CTR 133.200 Brisbane Centre Swampy
BN-WEG_CTR 132.450 Brisbane Centre Warrego

ML-AUG_CTR 127.050 Melbourne Centre Augusta
ML-BIK_CTR 129.800 Melbourne Centre Bindook
ML-BIL_CTR 132.000 Melbourne Centre Billabong
ML-CRS_CTR 135.800 Melbourne Centre Cross
ML-ELW_CTR 123.750 Melbourne Centre Eildon Weir
ML-FOR_CTR 132.700 Melbourne Centre Forrest
ML-GEL_CTR 134.200 Melbourne Centre Geraldton
ML-GTH_CTR 122.750 Melbourne Centre Griffith
ML-GVE_CTR 133.800 Melbourne Centre Grove
ML-HUM_CTR 132.200 Melbourne Centre Hume
ML-HYD_CTR 118.200 Melbourne Centre Hyden
ML-JAR_CTR 133.700 Melbourne Centre Jarrah
ML-KAT_CTR 133.500 Melbourne Centre Katoomba
ML-LEA_CTR 122.400 Melbourne Centre Leeman
ML-MUN_CTR 132.600 Melbourne Centre Mungo
ML-OXL_CTR 128.500 Melbourne Centre Oxley
ML-PIY_CTR 133.900 Melbourne Centre Pingelly
ML-TFR_CTR 125.400 Melbourne Centre Telfer
ML-WAR_CTR 124.900 Melbourne Centre Warburton
ML-WON_CTR 135.300 Melbourne Centre Wonthaggi
ML-WRA_CTR 132.800 Melbourne Centre Woomera
ML-YWE_CTR 134.320 Melbourne Centre Yarrowee

To view a full version of the sector images with all the non-standard sectors, click here:


For operational matters, contact Joel Richters, VATPAC Director Operations, at [email protected]


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