By Daniel Mckee 965838
#510928 For obvious reasons I have to make this enquiry here. Does "Head Office" know if there is a problem with the Vatpac server or maybe it is at my end? When I try to log in to the Vatpac forum I get this message "IP not approved for this consumer".
By Greg Barber 903254
#510932 Hi Guys,

There is a current NOTAM current regarding website issues. One of those issues is an interruption to the forums SSO authorisation. This is only an issue for some users who are not persistently signed in. We are currently waiting on advice from the VATSIM Web Systems department.

The Calendar is also out of action and the IT team are working on it.

Apologies for the inconvenience.
By Jackson Harding 820457
#510933 The issue relates to the SSO system. The hosting provider VATPAC use have moved them to a new, improved server. This has resulted in a change of IP and until that change propagates through the system it won't work.

The request for the the new IP to be added has been submitted. Once the change has been made to the SSO system all will work as it should.
By Daniel Mckee 965838
#510935 Is there any "ETA"? I know the answer probably is "how long is a piece of string" but surely we should have not accepted a "new improved server" until possible problems had been identified and sorted. I do appreciate that the IT guys like all Vatsim staff are volunteers of their time and efforts and I thank you all but it is still a tad frustrating as I am missing out on the World Discovery and VFR Ops flight details. Oh well, just venting my spleen again :twisted:
PS: Is there anything that I need to do to my system? Do I have to create new accounts or anything?
By Greg Barber 903254
#510940 Daniel,

"surely we should have not accepted a "new improved server" until possible problems had been identified and sorted."

Of course steps were taken to ensure as little disruption as possible and this is why the main site was up and running with little to no disruption. SSO is an external system that the forum logins integrate with and it was not anticipated that it would be a problem until it was.

Damn straight the team are all volunteers and I don't appreciate the backhanded nature of your post when they are clearly doing their best. Most of the functions of the site are now back in action and you can get all the event info you need from the events calendar.

The forum sign-on system will be back when it's back. The time frame is a little out of our control as it requires intervention by a 3rd party.