By Richard McDonald Woods 843615
#524842 @Ross,
By far the majority of my flying hours in FIRs is without on duty en route controllers. With the implementation of CDPLC functions within GFO, there will still be long periods when CPDLC services will be unavailable.
Could you consider developing functions that will provide an AI-based en route controller in FIRs where there is currently no real en route controller on duty :?:
I appreciate that we are in the very early stages of considering future VATSIM and PMDG GFO interfaces.
Many thanks.
By Richard McDonald Woods 843615
#524845 Hi Ross,
I fully understand.
Perhaps someone else will show an interest in plugging this otherwise huge hole :?:
I am willing to provide architectural support.
By Richie Queally 1394209
#524873 AI ATC couldn't be as realistic as VATSIM controllers are. How could it tell the difference between SID assignments at every airport? How could it differentiate between different procedures that come in nearly every country?
By Richard McDonald Woods 843615
#524874 Hi Richie,
I fully understand that not all pilot-initiated CPDLC messages are susceptible to meaningful AI replies :idea:
Once Kyle at PMDG has defined the messages that are to be supported, we can decide which subset of these are suitable for the AI engine to reply to when there is no real FIR controller on duty.
Thanks for your reply :)