Pilot Discussion With a Global Perspective
By Craig Lister 1213875
#525558 I'm new to this, and wondering if there's anything you need to do you you have an unfortunate event. I was about to level out, and while typing a private message to the controller, I forgot to press ENTER to get the chat up, and one of the keys I pressed must have been 'Extend Flaps'. Next thing I know, I'm barrel rolling down to the sea above, and before I could fix it - the plane broke, and that was that.

Is there anything you're supposed to do when this happen? Or just quit out and start again? I private messages the controller at the time, saying I'd crashed, and not sure what to do, but all I got was "...." from atc .
By Sean Harrison 870618
#525562 No documented procedure that I know of, however I would recommend disconnecting as soon as possible to avoid impacting others.

I have on a couple of occasions had cause to hit disconnect, rather than impact others. An uncontrollable aircraft is definitely one of them.
By Cody Cochran 1183112
#525564 There isn't really a procedure. If you crash, your sim crashes etc.. and you pilot client is still open, just send a message saying "My sim has crashed, I'll be disconnecting" or "Having to log off at this time, thanks for your help". Something along those lines to just let the controller know he may loose a radar track on you.
By Robert Shearman Jr 1155655
Craig Lister 1213875 wrote:I private messages the controller at the time, saying I'd crashed, and not sure what to do, but all I got was "...." from atc .

That's because there's not much they can do for you. And, it's courteous to let them know you're logging off unexpectedly but by no means is it required, nor is it held against you if you disappear off the scopes. Internet connections fail, power blackouts happen, cats yank cords out, wives cut circuit breakers to the home office, etcetera. Things happen. Crashing the airplane is a more embarrassing way to cut a flight unexpectedly short, but certainly no one gets bent out of shape about it -- literally nor figuratively.
By Craig Lister 1213875
#525575 Thanks chaps. That's all handy to know. I should have gone with 'Simulator crashed... damn simulator... '. Would have been less embarrassing. Haven't crashed for a while. I guess because IRL, the flap leaver you need to pull up, move and set.... extending flaps at cruise by mistake can't really happen.