By Trevor Hannant 1240481
#526231 [quote="Chris Knipe 920540"3) Given the fact that VATSIM's Board of Governors already in 2016 agreed to look at the voice issues... What has been done? Again, clearly, nothing.[/quote]

It is being developed as we speak - someone is currently actively working on it
By Daniel Morris 1132365
#526365 Literally the voice codec is the only thing that puts me off flying in VATSIM,
if you have to cut older interfaces like squawkbox and leave behind fs9 users - fine, it's about time they updated from a sim made in 2003. There are probably more people willing to return given a new codec vs the amount lost from moving to a new one...
edit/p.s.: just checked up on the MELP codec that vatsim uses, it was developed in 1995 just for reference

"Something is being done"
"It's in development"
from one corner of the room for about 6 years with nothing to show
(source of this same conversation with another user)

"there's nothing wrong with it"
"It's your hardware, this is fine"
from another corner