By Richard Asberg 887435
Nestor Perez 1369273 wrote:

Enjoy! :lol: :P

Brilliant news :D

Was a long time now since I last used it and a couple of suggestions to make it even better:

- use a more colorful representation of ATC on the map to make it easier to spot online ATC
- add an option to enter your own VID in order to be able to find and track yourself on the map
- maybe also be able to add friends by their VIDs to be able to track them as well
- add list views for pilots and ATC

That was all I could come up with for the moment :D
By Nestor Perez 1369273
#528534 Hahahaha, you can find the contact form in the website pointed somewhere round the APP. I've had enough with exactly 9 e-mails in 2 days :D