By Robert Bressert 1139527
#531361 Google it? I know where the website is located: I am a member of this VA. If I clear the cache and cookies in my web-browser, the website displays, but I'm not logged in. When i try to log into my account, the page goes completely blank. I have tried on three different web-browsers on two different computers.
By Kenneth Haught 1067681
#531363 Have you tried contacting the VA staff directly or through the contact us form on their website? I managed to get at least to that far (contact us form) and didn't seem to be any errors.
By Robert Bressert 1139527
#531365 Yes, I did try to contact them via "contact us" I haven't heard back yet. Also, I left a message on thinking maybe they knew something but I haven't heard back from them either.

The website works for me too if I clear the browser cache and bookmarks. I can, like you Kenneth, navigate anywhere on the website, but once I try to log in, as I said, it goes completely blank.
By Robert Bressert 1139527
#531366 Actually, the screen goes blank in Firefox when I try to log onto their website, but in Chrome I get the following:

This page isn’t working is currently unable to handle this request.

It looks like there is something wrong with their website when you try to log in.