By olisa achonye 1280809
#538751 Good day all, just wanted to run something by that maybe already has been asked or been curious about. Many are currently crossing the pond today as we speak. I was wondering if we could have a day in a year when we could have "Cross The World". There are planes that can fly 20hours and many great airports worldwide. Again, just a suggestion being able to pick world airports with world coverage. Thanks for reading.

By Darren Gwee 1008888
#538791 Those flights are performed by 5 or more pilots, and each one spends the majority of the flight chilling out rather than fly. 99.99% of us do not have 4 other pilots on standby.

Unless you want to be staring at the screen for 20 hours, this is not a good idea at all.

Just to give you an idea of what 20 hours is like, if I departure is at 12am, I would not expect to arrive until 8pm. Try doing absolutely nothing, while still needing to keep your ears open for that long.
By Andrea Mazzoni 1300705
#539696 There is another solution: every year, on November, and for this year I think that will be terminated today this event, you can fly one or more routes planned for the Worldflight, a charity event which start and finish every year in Sydney.
If you're lucky, you can provide also for ATC service if one or more airport of your vACC are selected as one of the airports selected for this non stop tour around the world.
Usually there are routes which have a maximum duration of 4 hours of flight