By Andreas Fuchs 810809
#539557 Hey DJ Sean,
Sean McCormack 811828 wrote:Hopefully this doesn't sound like self-promtion because its not meant to be but I've done a tutorial on this that might be helpful for you.

thanks a lot for that, I will share it on the swift Discord, we might include it the swift documentation.
By Stephen Sharpe 1297729
#542155 I saw this post and thought it might apply to me. I use XP 9.7 (because my Mac Mini won't support the newer versions without a big frame rate hit). I used to use voice (XSquawkbox) but now use text because I understand that the new voice features require newer versions of XP. Is that true? If not, please point me to the resources I need for my older capabilities. Thanks!
By Andreas Fuchs 810809
#542164 Hi Stephen,

as long as your pilot client can talk to X-Plane 9.x, you should be fine! I do not know whether swift works with X-Plane 9.x, have you tried it? Otherwise check out the new beta of xSquawkbox and xPilot.