By Don Jones 1228487
#544312 Hi. I'm fairly new to Vatsim & Xplane but appreciate clarification of what weather is used by Vatsim online.
In Active Skies( ASXP) there is an option to use Vatsim weather for departure & destination airports etc. What is the advantage of this as I should imagine both are updated a couple of times an hour so should be accurate to actual w/x conditions.
Many thanks .......
By Sean Harrison 870618
#544342 Hi Don,

Usually Active Sky obtains real-time data from various sources to enable the simulator to have as reliable and realistic environment as possible. Eg if the real world had 050/15G25 then AS would tend to give that too you as well.

VATSIM weather; in my experience; can be significantly delayed. So if you have storms moving through and using VATSIM weather then on the simulator they could be after they have actually moved through.

AS allows you to use VATSIM weather because if you are flying on VATSIM and ATC has runways etc setup, then it will be VATSIMs data with time stamp.

Benefits: I generally always use real world weather in AS.

Cautions: Sometimes if you don’t use VATSIM weather, then you may be given a runway etc that may not be appropriate for your simulators current environmental conditions. Even winds aloft may effect separation between acft in the cruise if they had different winds.

Hope that assists.