By Kirk Bowman 1482258
#548455 Hey there guys. I'm new to VAT sim and today was the first time I tuned in to the network to listen to the traffic at Heathrow. It was awesome! for the time it lasted.... I was disconnected four or five times after about ten minutes of being connected. I had authentification isses? Sometimes, it just says "disconnected from voice server" then I'm glad I never filed a flight plan! Anyhow, the internet here IS AWFUL. Always has been. I used to live in the UK. But, moved to the states. WV. Anyone from WV will understand the internet problem

Now, I checked my ping on every server on VAT spy and I average a latency of 900/1200 everytime. Would that be enough to disconnect me? Will I ever be able to use VATsim? To say I'm gutted is an understatement.

Any help? Cheers
By Kirk Bowman 1482258
#548509 Ok, so I DID finally connect, using X pilot and had a good solid connection for an hour. Then I went to connect today and all I am getting is - “Error connecting to Voice Server, the request timed out” I get that about two second after successfully connecting to the network. Firewall is turned off. It will also say that the server has failed to respond to the authentication challenge?

Any help?
By Andrew McCabe 944416
#548527 Hi Kirk, welcome to Vatsim.

The network is very busy at the moment with so many people stuck at home during this crisis, so I would think the servers are under a lot of pressure. The failure to respond to the authentication challenge does happen to most of us from time to time, so it's not isolated to you. Regards stable connections, you could also try connecting to a different server to see if that's any better. For example, the UK and Germany servers are usually very busy, but another may be more stable.

By Tobias Dammers 1442528
#548536 Second the "try another server" suggestion. Both ping (how long it takes for a packet to go from you to the server and back) and server load (how many streams the server is handling simultanously) are critical, so while you would normally pick the server that is closest to you (to keep ping low), that server may be overloaded, and a server further away from you might work better. Impossible to predict though, so if you get kicked out, just trying a different server may or may not help.