By paul westcott 1001354
#147882 im going to be flying to salou on mon 30th april, and im just wondering if you can still ask to see the flight deck, im assuming this has all stopped since the terrible 9/11.
can anyone help me with this?
By Scott Smith 921136
#147885 No you can't I'm afraid. It's against the law if a pilot allows you to do so.

However, what you can do (sometimes) is asking to see the cockpit before departure. I'm going to Barcelona in June, one of my old instructors is a serving First Officer on that route and has invited me up to the cockpit before departure so I'm assuming everything is ok with that.

By Marc Wheeler 919420
#147886 I have asked and the answer was a simple No Sir, we don't do that anymore.

I guess you can always ask though, maybe you will get lucky.
By Keith Smith 879675
#147894 Any time I've asked to see the flight deck prior to the flight, I have not been turned down (viewing it on the ground). I haven't even bothered asking to see it in the air since 9/11.

Things used to be so different. As a kid who travelled a lot growing up, I spent a lot of time in the cockpit. I think my questions grew to become a little different than most 10yr olds, to the point where on one flight, I was allowed to change the auto pilot hdg selector on a SAS DC-9 to initiate a 30 degree heading change. I also got to change the power setting on the throttle quadrant on an Alitalia 747.

The best flight, though, was from Heathrow to Frankfurt in an L-1011, where I never even SAW my assigned seat. As I boarded, I asked the flight attendant if it would be possible to see the flight deck prior to takeoff, and gave her my Air TC book (the Australian equivalent of the ROTC, I suppose). The pilots let me up there and when they found out that I was in the Air Training Corps, they pulled out the fold-down seat, gave me a headset and said, "enjoy the ride".

Those are experiences I'll hang onto forever. It's a tragedy that they won't be repeated for generations to come. I do what little I can, though. Any time I fly single engine GA, I always give my passenger the opportunity to fly the plane. Sometimes they weren't expecting to hear it, and the resulting grin on their face is priceless.
By Trent Hopkinson 812681
#147908 My last jumpseat ride (in the air, in the cockpit, with headset and sitting down through the landing) was in June 2001. It was in a 717. The next time I flew it was, unfortunatley, September 30, 2001.

The only cockpit I'v been in while airborne since then is a Cessna C172.

As much as we all hate to say it, September 11, 2001 simply changed the ballgame as to what is and isn't allowed in cockpits of airliners. The fears and laws related to such are unlikley to change in our lifetimes.
By Joshua Greenway 937147
#147910 Back in February, I flew with Air Canada from London Heathrow to Toronto Perason, I asked and saw the flight deck at both gates.

When I flew back to Heathrow, the crew said I wasn't allowed, so I suppose it's airline dependant.

By Paul O'Donnell 969350
#147936 I possibly may be flying sometime in May, and I'm hoping to get a visit to the flight deck both before departure and after arrival, to ask a few questions.
By Michael Dutton 992382
#147947 Hi Guys,

I remember I used to be able to go up to the flighdeck when I was younger during the flght with my Grandad and have a look around in the days well before 9/11. I really enjoyed those moments and will never forget them. Just a shame some people take those times away from us in such an act of pure evil. :twisted:

Moving on to a nicer and more relaxing note....

If I was to ask the Pilots could I have a look at the Flightdeck before departure and after arrival, would I ask them when I was aboard the aircraft or before that when they walk past you in the terminal?

Also, If I was lucky enough to have a look around and talk to the pilots and I asked them for a list of the waypoints and frequencies they come across during the flight, would they give a copy if they had a spare one or would that be a 'no-go' aswell? :roll:

Thanks very much for your help guys,

All the best :D

By Scott Smith 921136
#147952 Don't approach a pilot in the terminal, because basically you won't know if its your pilot!

The probably wont give you a copy of t he flight plan, as they wont have a spare copy.
By Paul O'Donnell 969350
#147954 I assume Michael means the gate rather than the terminal. I was thinking of asking the pilot at this point as if allowed I could get a little extra time in the flightdeck, but not sure if the pilots would allow it or not.

I know someone that has received a copy of the flightplan during a visit to the flightdeck after arriving at their destination. Their method was to give one of the flight assistants a letter to pass on to the pilot. The letter gave a brief introduction, stating the persons name, age etc and that they are an aviation enthusiast looking to possibly visit the flightdeck and if possible have any surplus materials.

I guess it all depends on the pilots and the airline procedures.
By Brad Littlejohn 811975
#147955 I'll chime in. :)

In 3 separate trips, one of them being on 9/11/2002, after we had landed and I told the pilot or FO that I was learning to be a pilot, they invited me up to see the flight deck. Granted, I waited until everyone else had already deplaned before mentioning this. One of these was on a United Airlines A319, while the other two (including the 9/11/02 flight) were on B757s. Each time, the pilot had been more than helpful and courteous when they pointed out all of the instruments and panels. It all turned out as I thought it would.

But if in doubt, ask when you're either boarding or disembarking, and explain who you are and what you're wanting to do. That will make the pilots feel a lot more comfortable.

By Michael Dutton 992382
#147961 Paul, ye sorry thats what I meant, the gate rather than the terminal. Sorry to the rest of the guys. :oops:

So if I was to say that I'm going to be soon starting my ATPL course, then might they let me up to the flightdeck? :?

Thanks very much again guys,

All the best,

By Steven Quayle 973582
#147962 Hi Guys

Scince the year Before last every flight i have been on i have been to the flight deck after landing when we were parked at the gate (I Like It When They Test me) :P . Iuseually ask toward the end of the flight about 20mins before we decend, they always say yes to me but i might just be my 13yr old charm.
But Onece the PIC was going to as if i wanted to jupseat in the flight deck but the airline would crusify him, and as paul said i have also recived charts and flight data at are destination in Barbados

But its worth ago,

By Paul O'Donnell 969350
#147967 Very good point Steven, the chap I know who received some of the surplus flight info (chats, FP etc) is much younger than myself. He's 16 so I thought, perhaps the pilots are more helpful to younger people, rather than say a middle aged man.
I'm in my early 20's so I thought they might think I want to visit the flightdeck for the wrong reasons. Anyone older than the teenage years had any probs getting a flightdeck visit or a brief chat with the pilots on board the aircraft?